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Welcome to Jade's new blog! It will look less like her sister's as I start customising it.

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Free Enfamil!

If you haven’t signed up for Enfamil Family Beginnings, they have even more cool stuff they are sending out now compared to before. Up to $250 in free gifts, 1 week supply of Enfamil, and $60 savings on formula. They weren’t giving the free stuff out at my hospital when I had Dot, but this time there is a spot to actually enter the name and city of the hospital you are delivering. I’m hoping to get some great coupons and goodies this time around! The picture is the link.

Click Here

ETA: I was already a member of Enfamil’s Site, so when I signed up for this, I skipped the registration step – and it seemed to work just fine. I guess this is a completely new program.

BabyPlus Lesson 6

Lesson 6 already! It really sinks in that Jade is growing when I advance lessons. Last night, Dot buckled the BabyPlus around her waist. She loves playing with the machine, too.

Laying Down

Jade has turned a bit so she’s more vertical rather than laying horizontally in my tummy. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, since I still can’t breathe well no matter what side I lay on.

Second Ultrasound

Went to Gainesville for my second in-depth ultrasound. Everything is normal, and it is a girl! So Angela Jade it is.  I guess I’ll stop calling her Ben.  I get to go through all those cute outfits of Dot’s again!

18 Weeks 18 Weeks 3d


First Ultrasound

We went to see Dr. Allaire today for my ultrasound. We got some good pictures, and the baby was really wiggly. Dr. Allaire said that everything looks normal! When Dot saw the ultrasound video, she immediately said, “Baby! Baby!”

Jade 12 Weeks


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